09 March 2009


Product Information


Bidadari (The Fairy) is a functional drink for good health and beauty formulated with luxorious natural ingredients – Natural honey, Manjakani (Oak gall), Betel Leaves, Lemon Grass, Serapat Roots, Golden Needles, Patema. Rich in proteins, fibres, carbohydrate and vitamin A, B, C, D and E. It is effective in developing facial charm and becoming a catalyst in achieving husband wife sexual pleasures.

- Helps overcoming white discharge
- Helps overcoming premenstrual period
- Building the womb
- Contracting the womb
- Contracting the vaginal muscles
- Narrowing the vagina
- Strengthening the vaginal muscles
- Giving the positive impact to husband-wife during intercourse
- Increasing collagen in the body
- Beautifying the skin skin and enhancing facial charm
- Helping in expelling mouth and body odours
- Reducing body heat
- Firming the breast
- Helping improving the IQ
- Supplying instant energy
- Helping in treating ulcers and post-operation wounds

2 tablespoons, 2 times daily (normal reaction would be felt after 2 hrs). The best not to drink within an hour after taking Bidadari.
** Use plastic spoon. Do not use stainless spoon

For better effect detox with DCL Inte-Cleanse 3 tablets, at night for 5 days before consume Bidadari.

• Not recommended for pregnant women and during period.

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